4 Reasons to Consider Ashes into Glass Memorial Jewellery

Deciding on what to do with the ashes of a deceased loved one is seldom easy, but more and more people are finding that memorial jewellery is the option that speaks to them. This involves working the ashes into several pieces of jewellery that can be treasured forever and easily divided between loved friends and family. There are several ways this can be done, and one of the most popular is to work ashes into glass. This involves putting some of the ashes into glass whilst it is hot and then fitting that glass into pieces of jewellery. 

Here are just four reasons why many people are choosing to turn ashes into glass memorial jewellery.

1. You Can See the Ashes 

In some cases, people don't want to be able to see the ashes in their memorial jewellery. Simply knowing the ashes are there is enough. However, many others want to be able to see the ashes, and glass jewellery allows them to do so. Since glass is transparent, you will be able to see the ashes that are worked into each piece, especially when you choose a lighter colour. Ashes will also meld with the glass in a different way each time, so each glass piece will be unique.

2. Colour Can Be Added

Many people like their memorial jewellery to have some colour. This can reflect the character and preferences of the deceased and remind you of their personality. When you choose to turn ashes into glass jewellery, you can choose between a wide range of colour options to create the ideal appearance. You can even choose between different colours according to the wishes of each person who will be receiving one of these pieces.

3. They Can Last a Lifetime

You'll naturally want memorial jewellery to last as long as possible, which is another reason why glass often proves attractive. Glass is a hard substance that can last for generations when properly looked after. It also won't shrink over time, lose its colour, or start to yellow like other cheaper materials, so it will stay looking beautiful forever.

4. Different Designs Can Be Used

The glass created for memorial jewellery can be used for several different types of jewellery and fit well in each of them. They can be added to bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. You can even add them to cufflinks or create large pieces for pendants. This gives you the flexibility to choose the type that speaks to you, and you can also design different pieces for different people.

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